Sunday, 1 November 2009

Brunehaut Organic Belgian beers

I picked up three bottles of this Brunehaut beer in Drinkstore (among other beer) recently. The Amber was quite tasty with notes of brown sugar, sherbet and floral hops. It tasted very malty and I got some caramel and figs. It was 6.5% so not a quaffer but you could drink quite a few without realising how much alcohol they contain.

Next up was the Blonde and it was not so impressive. It tasted pretty much like a light lager without the crystal clear yellow you get with lagers, so it was like a cloudy light lager with a hint of lemon. Perfectly fine beer but not much in it that I find appealing in a beer so I would not drink it again myself.

The last in the range is the wit and it was another disappointment for me. I got lemon in this as opposed to orange one might expect. I got some spicy notes, probably from the coriander. It was more like a pilsner to me than a normal wit and also quite hoppy. I found it a little bland and watery but as a thirst quencher I believe this is quite good as it has a nice dry finish.

Another beer I picked up was this HSB from George Gale, however these days it is brewed by Fullers so I would expect a good beer and I was not disappointed. I got raisins on the nose and it tasted like a malty prune juice bitter. It was quite lovely actually.

Lastly I tried this Sierra Nevada Kellerweis. It had notes of vanilla and banana. It was spicy and a little more bitter than the average wheat beer I thought. I liked it quite a lot as did my wife. Another top beer from the powerhouse of US craft beer that is Sierra Nevada.

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