Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Blue Frog Brewery

My only experience of Blue frog was their Dipa and that was in a pub, shared with Americans and I was not quite sober enough to actually taste it correctly. I got the DIPA again from Drinkstore along with the other three available to us over here.
The first one to try was the Blonde. It started out with a sort of tropical fruit taste, a little bubble gum and some caramel. There was also a pleasant bitterness going on too. I found it enjoyable and inoffensive.

I am actually only drinking one of these per night due to their size and strength. It is a school night after all. Tonight I tried the Red Frog Ale. A little caramel and toffee, a little grainy, some grapefruit and quite a lot of bitterness with little to no sweetness to balance it out. Interestingly the guys over on BeerAdvocate have a different opinion. Many of them seem to find it does contain sweetness and feck all bitterness. Perhaps they get it much fresher than I did or perhaps it is simply that Blue Frog is a brew pub so different batches are more likely to be different than a larger operation. I liked it but would rather have been drinking O' Hara's Red or their Aldi Traditional Irish Ale variant.

One thing is clear. I drove past Fairfield a number of times in California and never knew about the place. I know there are breweries I did not get to visit but most of them were out of the way from where I was, like Oakfland & Berkley etc so I am a little annoyed I did not know about Blue Frog when I was over there and especially since I drove past the town on the I-80.

Next time I do the regular IPA and a closer look at the DIPA to see if my opinion is better than last time.

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