Friday, 4 March 2011

The Session #49 - Mine's a......

Guinness..... In all serious though, when I am out somewhere that does not serve any form of Craft Beer or even some of the newer pub imports such as Paulaner, Erdinger, Hoegaarden etc then Guinness is my go to beer. If I can get it in a pint bottle then I will because it is a far superior drink compared to the Nitrogenated kegged version. Otherwise I am quite happy to drink a Guinness, although I will gladly replace it for the more flavoursome Murphy's if they happen to serve it.

You could say that Guinness is my least favourite beer in that case, of the beers I will willingly drink of course. There are many beers I would not willingly drink. Coors Light and almost any of the crap yellow fizzy lagers available in Ireland.
Budvar (Proper Budweiser) is the exception. It is getting more common and I do like my Budvar.

It is very rare for me to purposely go to a pub where there is no craft beer though. When I do, I will usually go for something like Galway Hooker or if they are serving Cask, I might ask for "whatever is on Cask".

Last night saw the official launch of the first beer from Metalman Brewery who are sorting out a premises in Waterford. For now they are brewing at the White Gypsy brewery in Templemore, Tipperary.

I may have just found a new regular beer because before I came up the stairs to the launch party I was eating dinner downstairs and I had a Galway Hooker. I wanted it fresh in my mind for when I tried the Metalman Pale Ale. I did have a cask O'Hara's stout in between but the Hooker was still fresh in my mind so I was surprised when I tried the Metalman beer and decided I prefer it over a hooker. I think it is the fact that the Metalman offering has more in the way of citrus aroma than Hooker. It is more delicate and lighter in colour.

Only time will tell if this will have an impact of my instant choice of Galway Hooker if it's available but I will never frown upon my Hooker either.

Incidentally this is the first time I have actually joined in on "The Session" because quite simply, I usually forget all about it. I guess my Session Cherry has just been popped.

This months session is being hosted by Stan Hieronymous from Appellation Beer.


  1. As much as I loved Sheridan's and The King's Head when we went to Galway, I still think Ganavan's was the quintessential pub, and the couple of pints of Guinness we polished off in there while the wives were shopping were fantastic. It helped that Liverpool were on the box in the corner (playing Bolton, yes I am that sad). I am the same though, if there is no independent beer or too much choice that my brain explodes, a pint of Guinness is always welcome, though Murphy's preferred.

  2. I really don't mind Guinness. Usually the best of the worst beers available everywhere. And what is up with Beamish and Murphy's? I don't think I saw either of them on a single tap when I was in Ireland, and I tend to think both are better than Guinness.

  3. Murphy's is what they drink in Cork. It is sort of territorial like that. Beamish is also a Cork beer but you will find it in many Dublin pubs because it is cheaper than Guinness. This is also it's downfall because it is seen as "cheap shite" by Guinness drinkers.

  4. Yesterday, in the pub I frequent, the choice of taps amounted to:

    a couple of barleywines (not good drinking when having to drive)
    the inevitable massed ranks of pale hoppy ales, both India and not,
    a witbier,
    a couple of imperial stouts (see barleywine comment)
    PBR - I kid not.

    Faced with such uninspiring choice, I got a pint of Guinness and a 2oz sample of one of the barleywines. Take mouthful of Guinness and drop barleywine in - wonderful!