Friday, 1 April 2011

A fools session

This month's title is How do they make us buy their beer? and is hosted by A good Beer Blog.

For me it is rather simple, they don't even need to advertise. All I need to see is something different that I have not tried before and I am likely to give it a go, assuming it's a craft beer of course and not some yellow fizzy imported lager. Perhaps the form of advertising that does work best for me is word of mouth and by that I include twitter and beer blogs as well as personal recommendations from friends.

Breweries that aggressively advertise are not the sort of breweries I will generally go for but I will not discount them. If Guinness were to release a new beer, I would certainly give it a go. If Budweiser brought out a Black lager for instance, I would of course try some. Aggressively marketing the same beer that is already established is a bit like attention seeking to me. Look at me, I'm great, buy me, drink me.

I do actually enjoy many beer advertising campaigns though. It will not make me drink their beer but I appreciate entertainment. Guinness have always had fantastic advertising. Pure Genius you could say.

Budweiser have had some brilliant ones too like the frogs and more recently the Real men of Genius campaign. My personal favourite is Mr in the car nose picker. Will it make me want to drink Bud? Eh no but I might pick my nose a bit more in the car. I am the nabber of the nose nugget.

I figure I would use today's session to bring some interesting news as it ties in with the topic. I'm sure by now people will have heard that U2 have decided to call it a day. I have been sitting on this news for a week now. Last week I met up with David Evans, known more commonly as The Edge. I had met him once before but he did not remember me. In fact I did not recognise him at first as he was just drinking at the bar but we got talking and he told me that he was looking forward to his latest venture. The hotel business is not working out very well these days but surprisingly he has become quite fond of craft beer these days.
He has decided to open a brewery and play on his celebrity which is a form of advertising in itself.

Now don't be under any illusions that he will be brewing the beer himself. He will provide backing but he really just wants to have his name remembered. He has not decided what style the beer will be but I thought it was a great idea. The edge brewery should be open by this time next year and the first beer, The edge of reason should be available shortly after.
I suggested a good hoppy pale ale as the style but he was thinking more along the lines of a stout but he has a while to sort out the details.

Happy Friday everyone.

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