Saturday, 26 November 2011

Daly's of Mullingar

Living in a small town in Westmeath has some good points and bad. The bad is that, well I live in a small town in Westmeath. There is nothing in the way of decent beer in any of our dwindling number of pubs. Our closest large town is Mullingar. This is where it gets annoying. Mullingar is 10 minutes drive from my house but there is no public transport to speak of. There is some sort of townlink bus that goes three times a day but is pretty much useless for a night out. That means I have to get a taxi, and that costs a little over €20 each way. I can get the bus to Dublin and back for less than a one way taxi fare and the last bus home leaves about midnight so Dublin is a much better option for me.

When I heard that Daly's in Mullingar had Galway Hooker Pale Ale and then more recently had Trouble Brewing Ór, and that Ór was an introductory price of €2.50, I just had to go and see for myself.

So on a sunny Autumn Saturday afternoon a couple of weeks back, with nothing better to do, I decided to cycle to Mullingar for the first time.

Daly's is right in the centre of town, at the intersection with the Citizens information centre and Canton Casey's. I parked my bike at the bike rack in that little square across the road (beside Casey's) and headed in to Daly's.

The first thing I saw was a Galway Hooker tap so I ordered one and then headed down to the far end of the bar, got out my kindle and started reading. I sat by the new Trouble Brewing Ór pump so that was my next beer. Can't say no to a €2.50 pint of craft beer, even if prefer Galway Hooker myself. I was thinking that with winter coming, Trouble Brewing's Dark Arts Porter would be a brilliant beer to get in on tap. What a fantastic beer that is.

Since it was a quiet Saturday afternoon, the bad was mostly deserted. There were a few people in the corner and then me reading my kindle. As the sun went down though, more people started showing up.
I had wanted to leave before it got dark as I was on the bike. That did not work out too well. As well as the great intro price of €2.50, it also turns out that Daly's has a sort of loyalty scheme. Your fourth pint is free, so when I got my fourth pint the barman refused payment! What a wonderful place this is.

It's also managed by Dec and Doran of The Blizzards and in that spirit, is a music venue. Delorentos recently held an acoustic set there.

Hidden down a passageway out back is a smaller bar area. This room is available for private functions I believe and can hold about 35-40 people I would say.

Now I have only been to Daly's once so far but no doubt I will be there again. I wish it was my local to be honest.

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