Saturday, 31 December 2011

Bristol Beers

When I was at Steve's house the other weekend, he gave me some beer in exchange for beer I brought up to him. I love it when I get beer from a brewery I have never come across before.

The Bristol beer factory have a nice, simple website that is very effective. They make great use of social media like twitter and even youtube.

Bristol Stout is a 4% bog standard stout. Sweet caramel on the nose with some hints of coffee. In the mouth you find a smooth, low carbonated stout. While thin, it's also a very drinkable session stout. I prefer my stouts a little more bitter, dry and roasty but that's just me.

On the other hand, their Milk Stout is a little less my cup of tea (or coffee). The aroma is like Bristol stout but milky.
It tastes rather like a very milky coffee and is tooth rottingly sweet.
I could feel the cavities forming while drinking it.
An enjoyable beer but hard for me to drink with that level of sweetness.

The Ultimate Stout was hands down my favourite. Not a whole lot on the aroma other than coffee and caramel. When I tasted it though, the beer just came together. It's not complex, not full of amazing flavours or much subtlety. What we have is a very balanced and very tasty strong stout. A sweet toffee concoction with coffee, chocolate some treacle a little alcohol. 

I really liked this one. I look forward to finding some of their other range of non stout beers. 

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  1. hmm thought i'd commented on this..obviously the CAPTCHA rubbish again! Milk stout it a great beer for pairing with blue cheeses, though yes is a bit much for a 500ml serving