Sunday, 4 December 2011

Tig Neachtain - Galway

While walking through Galway a few weeks back, I happened upon this sign outside Tig Neachtain. I knew they advertised speciality beers and had walked past many times. I had never gone in because the place was always packed to bursting. This time however, it was a Saturday morning so what better time to take a look?

I ordered my pint of Opus II which as it turns out is a dark wheat beer. It's brewed by Galway Hooker and is quite possibly the same dark wheat beer they brewed a couple of years back that tasted so fantastic on cask at Easterfest. Unfortunately it was served in a Guinness glass, and since it's almost black with a big fluffy head, no one would be any the wiser and would assume I am drinking a Guinness. 

I took my beer in to a little back section of the pub and sat at a table to read and enjoy my pint. I had a little time to kill before I was to meet the Beoir contingent at The Salthouse. Well the place was lovely, a real rustic feel. I believe they do serve food but they had a table (see image above) laid out serving hot soup when I was there. 
For the beer itself, since I have had it before and written about it, this time I will just pop in a cyclops report.
S dark with tan head. Almost like a Guinness but much lighter. Dark ruby red.
S roast barley. chocolate, sour, slight spice. 
T Thin only in the sense it's easy to drink. The sourness is lovely as is the bitter burnt coffee and chocolate. Spicy mouth tingling finish. Quite carbonated as its a wheat beer. 

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  1. Ha, i took the same pic two week's before, did not get to try the beer though as the little one where in tow!