Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Weird is the word that sums up this beer. Bracia from Thornbridge is a 10% dark ale with honey, and not just any honey either. It uses honey specifically from the foothills of the Italian Alps. It pours like a stout, pretty much black with a large tan head.
The aroma is one of peat, bubblegum, lavender and liquorice. A very interesting bouquet to be sure. It is possibly the most flavoursome beer I have ever had, certainly in terms of conflicting flavours screaming for attention. I found it had an oily yet fluffy mouthfeel. Coffee, peat, vanilla, dark fruits, honey and perhaps a little nuttiness. It's all a bit weird but you know what? I liked it. Certainly as a once off beer it's interesting but I don't see the a market other than a one off. I'm not sure who would drink this on a regular basis but then, is it meant for that? I suspect this might do well with a little age added to the bottle. Maybe next year I will find a bottle on a shelf that has been sitting there for a year and try it again to see how it has matured.

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  1. Me, sir! I would. I had some of that in Port St. in Manchester last year and thought it was amazing. It's not an every day beer for sure, but I'd love to keep a few bottles in the cellar for those evenings that I fancy a nice imperial stout, an alternative to something like Tokyo* for example.