Wednesday, 1 February 2012

When Hops Kill

A great premise for a B movie; Rampaging killer hops shooting Alpha Acid that melts their victims... or maybe not....

Hops Kill? Nazis* is a bold name for a beer, a name that demands something to backup it's claim. This beer should level your taste buds in a bitterness black hole. Sometimes, Brewdog can be all talk although they do tend to back up their talk with a good product. Hops Kill is an imperial red ale so I am expecting a lot of chewy caramel and am not disappointed. Also various forest fruits along with pine and grapefruit on the nose. In the mouth, there is a lovely subtle, smooth carbonation. It's a melting pot of various citrus notes, plenty of sweet malt and quite a lot of hops.
It's not much of a hop bomb as the name might suggest but it is an absolutely gorgeous beer.

* When it was a prototype beer, I think it was supposed to be called hops kill nazis.


  1. It's a good one, I have a Hops Kill Nazis (as a prototype) in the fridge.

  2. I had the prototype as well courtesy of beersiveknown.