Friday, 16 March 2012

Celebrate good times.

The latest release of celebration stout from The Porterhouse* is a big animal. At 11% ABV it is the highest strength beer produced in recent times in Ireland. It's also a bargain at €2.99 a bottle.

The Beer Nut wrote about it here and compared it to the normal celebration stout so if you want to know how they differ, check that out.
For me, I only had the one lonesome bottle and I am going to have to buy some more to keep for a while because it's a fantastic beer.

On the nose is oodles of vanilla-oak. Caramel, Muscovado, dark fruits. There is a slight smokiness, though I don't think it was aged in peated barrels. I got a lot of chocolate and the slightest hint of coffee at the end. It tastes exactly like it smells. I did find it just a little on the fizzy side, though that does not stick around too long and since this is a sipping beer, it dissipates after about 5 to 10 minutes. There is a real port or sherry feel about this beer. The alcohol is incredibly drying and I found myself wanting water very quickly while drinking it. If there were ever hops added into the beer, I think they ran away in fear but to be honest I did not miss them too much. I suspect I would like it even more if there was a little earthy hop character though.

Speaking of celebrating, apart from it being my Sister's birthday and Mothers day this weekend, tonight I am going to the St Patrick's day craft beer festival (or Paddyfest as I call it) in Dublin. It does not look like the best day for it though and I heard a lot of beer has already run out since yesterday.

* Nice new website it looks like

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