Sunday, 25 March 2012

Dublin is the best drinking destination - In the world!

I can just imagine Jeremy Clarkson saying that, can't you? Seriously though, google best beer cities in the world or any variation of that and you will find plenty of listings. Most of them list the same cities like Munich or Berlin, Prague, Portland, London, Brussels but you can always be guaranteed that Dublin is not only in the list, it is also in the top ten. Often it is number three and sometimes number one. You can also be guaranteed that the picture and spiel as to why it was chosen mentions Guinness. Often it is the only reason, though some at least choose to mention some of our other good drinking establishments, like Porterhouse.
Some even get it very wrong and say:
visitors to Dublin know that it's best consumed at the source, served up from a cask at one of the city's classic pubs. 
If only the cask part were true, Guinness might have a little more respect among beer geeks than it does now. They do make some great products, they are just less flavoursome than their craft beer counterparts.

A new pub has just opened in Dublin, it's the sister to L Mulligan Grocer, one of the best places to drink north of the Liffey. This one is called W. J. Kavanagh's and is also on the Northside. I have not been in yet but rest assured I will soon enough and do a proper write-up. This got me thinking though. The Black Sheep has also recently opened and Kate's Cottage is about to become a craft beer haven as well.

You don't have to go to one of the specialist beer bars/pubs either because many regular pubs have caught on to the craft beer revolution and have a couple of taps and maybe some bottled beer available. In many cases it is flying out the door as more and more people crave something different than the faceless mass produced beer they have been forced to drink for decades.

In the past, Dublin has always been one of the best places to drink in a pub. The beer choice was non existent and every pub served the same beer but the atmosphere was what made it special. Today, the same is true except you can hardly walk 50 metres in the city centre without finding somewhere serving some decent beer, and the list of specialist beer bars has got to the stage that doing a pub crawl of them all might be very bad for your liver.

And don't just stick to the city centre, hop on the dart and explore the coastal suburban towns of Dublin. Not only will you find some great pubs serving good beer, albeit less often than the city centre, you will views of some breathtaking scenery, especially on the southern dart line towards Bray. The scenery is common place to Dubliners but it often shocks visitors. Especially on a bright and sunny day (like today), there are few places I would rather be than Dublin. That said, I will be in Denver this summer so that might change.

This means that Dublin is finally; fully deserving of a place in the best drinking or best beer cities in the world. And possibly at number one even? Well that depends on the person really. I would say probably not number one but certainly up there with the best.

Although be sure to make the trip to Cork, Galway and perhaps Belfast because they are also fantastic drinking cities.

If you are considering a visit to Dublin, a full list of the ever growing number of pubs/restaurants serving decent beer is available on the Beoir directory and also there's an app for that. Android users will soon have the same feature but for now, the release candidate is here. The apps/directory cover all of Ireland.


  1. But you have to lower your voice at the end, and draw out the world bit: Dublin is the best drinking destination - In the wooorld.

  2. Just imagine Guinness FES on cask.......

  3. I can imagine FES on cask being wonderful. Guinness really should do it, especially since there is an ever increasing number of pubs around the country, and especially in Dublin that serve cask. The Black Sheep alone has 4 handpumps and more appear all the time. All they need to do is brew a little in their microbrewery and cask it.