Friday, 6 April 2012

And now for something completely different....

It's good Friday in Ireland today, a sort of unofficial public holiday. Half the country is off, perhaps more than half. The rest of us are working. Since most of my customers are off, I have very little to do.

There are no alcohol sales allowed today so there is little point in talking about beer. So for something very different, let's talk about Hula Hoops. Sure why not? Don't they count as bar snacks after all?

On the front of my bag of Hula Hoops I saw that there is a free music download with every pack. Curious I of course took a look at the back. It seems that the code is visible below the best before date meaning no purchase necessary. I also read the part in the image that I highlighted. It states:
"There's no catch and you won't have to enter any personal details."

So I went online and took a look at the website. I was instantly assaulted with a popup looking for me to register with my email address. How the hell is that no entering personal details? It also clearly states on the screen that there is a limit to 30 tracks per email address. How the hell is this not a catch?

Anyway rant aside, tomorrow I am heading to Cork for Easterfest at the Franciscan Well. That should be fun, it always is.


  1. So I'm confused, are they Real Crisps or Craft Chips? ;)

  2. Not sure you would even call them crisps to be honest. They do make a cheap ring for kids though.