Thursday, November 14, 2013

Founders In Ireland - The Beer

Sorry for the lateness of this article. Founders beer has been in Ireland for weeks now but I have had so much stuff on and a backlog of articles to write. Anyway, here's how the beers actually taste, just in case you are holding off buying until I say go for it. Starting off with the porter, sexy is the best way to describe it. I love me a porter and this is one of the best I have had. The first thing you should know is that it's 6.5% so not something to drink by the pint, well maybe a pint or two but certainly no more than two three. The beer is packed full of rich milk chocolate and coffee. It's pretty sweet too and unlike many American porters, the carbonation is just perfect and not overly fizzy. There's also a lovely caramel backbone to it and a fairly bitter/sweet finish to begin with before that burnt bitterness kicks in with a hint of vanilla pod. There's a real ash quality, almost camp fire really. An utterly fantastic beer.

I wonder is there something derogatory about calling a Scotch ale Dirty Bastard? It's a cracking beer though and not a bagpipe in sight thankfully. While I mention a bagpipe, why is it that I'm not a fan of the Scottish bagpipes but I do like the sound of Irish uilleann pipes? Anyway, I'm digressing. The beer itself is a big heavy bastard of a beer at 8.5%. It's rich and thick and primarily a toffee bomb. There's plenty of dark fruit such as prunes and plums. Actually it's the perfect winter warmer, there's even a hint of smoke coming through from time to time, though it has to fight through that thick toffee. A lovely beer but I'll take the porter instead if I have a choice.

Centennial IPA is a bog standard IPA in terms of numbers. The 7.2% ABV makes it the upper end of the scale. It might be bog standard by the numbers but it tastes anything but. This is a big pithy orange IPA with plenty of grapefruit, citrus and pine. I have had better IPA's in my time but not many. This is a great example of the style.

All Day IPA is a session IPA. It's only 4.7% so a fraction above what I would consider the maximum ABV of a session beer to be (4.5%) but close enough. This is not a complex beer, it's not even particularly interesting as such. Where it shines is the hops. There's lots of them and they don't let you forget it for a second. It is quite possibly my favourite quaffing beer at the moment. In fact, I just bought a case of it today and in Irish terms it's reasonably priced at 4 for €10 in drinkstore.

Speaking of drinkstore, I was told to expect a new delivery of Founders beer next week or so and we are talking new beers, not just more of the 4 we have in the market at the moment. There was mention of breakfast stout, an astoundingly good beer if memory serves.

Oh and go for it.

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  1. Even better, we are getting them in Northern Ireland too! The Porter is the best of the bunch so far, but I've enjoyed them all with the possible exception of the normal Pale Ale (not the Centennial IPA) which i found kinda ordinary following the others.